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World's First Memecoin Powered Entrepreneur Ecosystem

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How To Buy

1) Download Phantom Wallet (purple ghost icon) and setup your account 2) Select “Buy” ($ icon on top right)
3) Select “Solana” (SOL)

4) Choose your form of payment (I like MoonPay) and setup your account
5) Once you have SOL in your wallet, select the Swap button at the bottom
6) Hit “Select Token” then type in “AAPE” or input the contract address (CA): 9n8b1EXLCA8Z22mf7pjLKVNzuQgGbyPfLrmFQvEcHeSU

7) Then select the amount of SOL (do not select "Max", you need to leave some for the transaction to go through), select Review Order and Done! 

**If transaction isn't going through change the “slippage” in the top right where it says “0.3%”. Keep moving the number up until


AstroApes launches aspiring entrepreneurs with access to a powerful network, cutting-edge AI tools, and a startup incubator with investment opportunities




 Expert-led training to launch businesses or master skills across trading, tech, social, design, and more!

 You could even meet your next Co-Founder!



• Launch your dream: Access our startup incubator, secure funding, and receive expert mentorship to break free from the 9-5 grind



• Enjoy the freedom to pursue your passions and achieve financial independence with our dedicated support and resources

🛠️🚧 What We're Building 🛠️🚧

ROME AI: Build Your Business Empire with One Sentence

Type a single line, unleash a full business:

  • Stunning website

  • Robust tech backbone

  • Automated marketing & sales funnels

  • AI Customer Support tools

  • Effortless finances 


The Team

AstroApes was created by the team behind AstroPupCoin ($ASPC) on Ethereum which listed on major exchanges like LBank, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap

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Dev Team Socials:

Link to both of our twitters?


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The AstroApes: Journey to Escape the Matrix

Welcome to the epic tale of the AstroApes, a group of adventurous apes on a mission to break free from the matrix and help everyone become wealthy, even when "The System" tries to stop them. In a world where everyone was stuck working 9-5 jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, the government, known as "The System," did everything it could to keep people from making money in crypto. The SEC (System Enforcement Council) was always on the lookout, trying to stop anyone from becoming profitable.

In the midst of this controlled world, a group of brave apes decided to take a stand. They called themselves the AstroApes. These AstroApes were not your regular apes. They were smart, adventurous, and had a secret weapon – the power of cryptocurrency and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AstroApes created a secret hideout in the stars called the Cosmic Collaboration Network. Here, they connected with other like-minded individuals – graphic designers, accountants, engineers, and more. This was a place where everyone could share their skills, find partners, and work together to build successful businesses. To help everyone start their journey, the AstroApes built the Launchpad. This magical place had all the tools needed to start a business, including AstroApe-exclusive discounts and an easy-to-use AI platform called AgentHostAI.

The AstroApes believed in the power of community. They allowed all token holders to vote on important decisions, like which charities to support, what new AI features to develop, and which partnerships to pursue. This way, everyone had a voice and felt like a part of the AstroApes family. With the help of their advanced AI and the support of the AstroApes community, people started breaking free from the matrix. They were no longer stuck in dead-end jobs. They had the tools, network, and resources to build their own businesses and become wealthy. Join the AstroApes today and become a part of this exciting adventure. The stars are waiting for you!


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